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Videos Explain Patients' Right to Intepreter
Here's a reminder about our collection of free, culturally sensitive videos that explain patients' right to interpreted medical services and translated print materials.

Available in Arabic, Hmong, Karen, Oromo, Somali, Spanish and Vietnamese, these short pieces were translated and vetted by native speakers to reflect cultural values and common speech usages of viewers. Versions in Hmong, Somali and Spanish are close captioned in English.

The idea for the videos was developed by Exchange members as a patient-driven model for increasing usage of both interpreters and translated health education material. The project was funded by Stratis Health, and supervised by consultant Amy Shellabarger and Fariview's Sahra Noor.

Health Education Materials in Translation, at Your Fingertips
Choose from more than 4700 translated health education materials in the languages most commonly spoken in Minnesota. Quickly and easily download them to your computer if your organization is a member of the Exchange. Start here…