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Catch Frog-a Rimba at Hmongtown Market

frog posterGet a view of the fascinating Hmongtown Marketplace — and help bring the frogs back to Frogtown — by attending Frog-a Rimba, 1-3 PM, Saturday, October 15, at Hmongtown Marketplace, 217 Como Avenue in St. Paul.

The event features a Heart of the Beast puppet and mask play, accompanied by the Bato! Bato! mariba band, that highlights efforts to clean up groundwater and make the world safer for water-dependent creatures such as frogs.

Arrive early and treat yourself to lunch at Hmongtown Market's food court. Vendors there serve up an array of delicious and often unfamiliar dishes. Then take a look at the booths of dozens of vendors, selling everything from potted plants to hand-forged garden tools.

The event is sponsored by Frogtown Green and Hmongtown Marketplace.

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